Distopia: Argentia hits Crowdfunder

Prepare to get excited

Distopia: Argentia front coverIt’s not often I get excited about something so much that I feel the giddiness building up in my stomach. Nor is it often that I get to share a project from an area of the world immersed in steampunk as much as the United Kingdom and America. However, the creators of Distopia: Argentia (Guillermo Tellerchea & Martín Cruz) have contacted me and asked me to share about their new crowdfunding project.

In an email to Steampunk Journal, co-creator Guillermo Tellechea said “We are a small latin-america filmmakers group of passionate steampunkers, and we’re trying to finish Distopia: Argentia via crowdfunding. We are very excited as we think the quality of it is quite high for an indie project, and so far the reception from the people is very overwhelming.”

Distopia: Argentia features stunning cinematographyI can see why, judging by the sheer volume of work that has already gone into it. The six episode webseries set in Latin America focuses on an ongoing raging war that only the main protagonist – Marshall Bandevere – can halt. The story features airships, six winged propeller planes, gatling guns and plenty of action. What has struck mew more than anything is the production quality. The CGI is stunning, possibly even topping Airlords of Airia.

Shelling out

Click on the link below in order to get involved with Distopia: Argentia and help highlight global steampunk projects. Rewards range from a shout out on social media for $5, to Associate producer credit for $400. For that, you also get all previous perks which includes a custom made set of goggles! That’s pretty good in itself and they’re available in the $100 donation.

Distopia: Argentia has steam airships!For more information, visit the Indiegogo website by clicking on the link here: Crowdfunding page

This is one project I’m really looking forward to seeing completed.

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