Distopia: Argentia hits Crowdfunder

It’s not often I get excited about something so much that I feel the giddiness building up in my stomach. Nor is it often that I get to share a project from an area of the world immersed in steampunk as much as the United Kingdom and America. However, the creators of Distopia: Argentia (Guillermo Tellerchea & Martín Cruz) have contacted me and asked me to share about their new crowdfunding project. In an email to Steampunk Journal, co-creator Guillermo Tellechea said “We are a small latin-america filmmakers group of passionate steampunkers, and we’re trying to finish Distopia: Argentia via crowdfunding. We are very excited as we think the quality of it is quite high for an indie project, and … Continue reading Distopia: Argentia hits Crowdfunder