Feel free to get involved with our polls covering extremely important questions, such as:

Should a corset be over or under bust?
Should you have a pipe, even if you don’t smoke?

These questions can be answered and I add to them all the time, so bookmark this page and take part. Make your voice known, ladies and gentlemen, the Empire’s reputation is at stake!

Posed by Flossie’s Kitchen: What flavour is steampunk?

The end of steampunk: What would you do if steampunk ended tomorrow?

Steampunk Music: Which genre captures the spirit of steampunk?

Operation Steelpunk! Should the wood stay or go?

Operation Steelpunk! What strap should I use?

Steampunk look: Which is best?

Valentine special: Nothing says I love you like:

Steampunk rules: Should we have them?

Pipes: Yes or no?

Guns: Which is your weapon of choice?

Corsets: Under bust or over bust?

Hats: Bowler or Top Hat?

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