The reviews section is the place to find information and opinions on all items of steampunk from books to shops, music and clothing. Each review written for Steampunk Journal is on the same template, so whoever is reviewing an item will treat it as fairly as any other. There are three sections that are filled in for a review:


This is simply an opening statement to describe what the review item is and whether it interests you. I would like it for you to read the whole article, but this should let you know in case you came to the wrong item. There will be no opinions made in the introduction because it’s written as though the reviewer is also being introduced to the item for the first time.


This section will vary depending on what’s being reviewed, but the general information will remain the same. For example, books will cover the story, pace, spelling and grammar and print quality whereas clothing will look at fitting, availability, quality of fabric and possibility of early wear and tear.


The conclusion is the only area where an opinion can be aired. It is assumed at this point that the item has been fully examined and so it is safe to conclude based on our findings. The conclusion will provide a brief recap and any additional thoughts on previous points; both good and bad.

The core principles of Steampunk Journal reviews – that all look to find answers to – are cost, usefulness and relevance.

Cost We look at how much the item costs and if there are others on the market, how it compares in price taking build quality into consideration.

Usefulness Will you be able to use the item? Is a book readable? Does a shop stock lots of goods? Is it worth parting with money for? We look at all these things when considering the ratings.

Relevance Is it steampunk? Many things will say they are, but are they really?

The reviews I write are fair. I don’t succumb to bribery, but I am more than happy to write an advertorial. If you’re interested in having an advertorial written, please email

If you would like an item to be reviewed, please email me. I will need to have the item shipped to me and collected.

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