What steampunk are you?

  Sometimes I have the urge to categorise myself and on this particular occasion I tried to get some help. It seems there are a number of websites out...
Playbuzz steampunk icon challenge

Playbuzz asks what icon of steampunk you are.


Sometimes I have the urge to categorise myself and on this particular occasion I tried to get some help. It seems there are a number of websites out there with the intention of helping you from finding out which steampunk icon you’re most like, to being able to take your own character test.

Playbuzz seem to be popping up more and more on social media websites by creating useless, yet irrationally addictive tests that tell you what sort of person you are, from Star Trek characters to which soap opera you represent.

Do you want to find out what icon of steampunk you are? Take the test here: Playbuzz steampunk icon test

Quibblo steampunk character test

What steampunk character are you?

The steampunk character test on Quibblo asks five pertinent questions and one numbered with the infinity symbol. It’s only a one page test, so Quibblo – unlike Playbuzz – haven’t worked out how valuable click-through-ratios are to advertisers yet.

You can play the Quibblo steampunk character test here: Quibblo test on steampunk

Hello Quizzy steampunk style test

Find out your steampunk style.

The Hello Quizzy page has multiple pages asking about various points of your life, such as fashion. It uses Victorian imagery to help you feel at home.

Try the Hello Quizzy steampunk character test here: Hello Quizzy steampunk test

OKCupid steampunk character test

Take a steampunk character test to get a date.

For all you singletons out there, you could try the steampunk character test on mass advertised, fake-profile swamped (I say that from experience) dating website OKCupid. It covers rather inane areas of your life and won’t guarantee you a date, but then we do have to consume everything steampunk, don’t we?

Have a go at these tests and let everyone know what the results are, we’re simply dying to know!




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