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Check out the lineup of entertainment for the Edwardian Ball, coming March 25 in New Orleans. Steampunk Journal needs your help to bring you the story.

The Steampunk Journal wants to bring you the full story, and is offering early content, extra content, beautiful photos, and a chance to attend the Edwardian Ball with Steampunk Journal Editor, Phoebe Darqueling. Only a few days left; blink and you’ll miss it!

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The First-Ever Edwardian Ball New Orleans

(From the Edwardian Ball website)


  • The Big Bad Preservation Hall Brass Band
  • Rosin Coven & Vau de Vire Society
  • Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses
  • The G-String Orchestra
  • Local art, installations, and vending
  • and much much more!

Plus… art (on fire!), circus, music, theatre, dancing, costumes, games, food & libations…

The Edwardian Ball New Orleans @ Generations Hall
310 Andrew Higgins Drive, New Orleans
Saturday, March 25th, 2017
8pm til 3am

Featuring, all the way from SF…

Your Edwardian Ball creators and co-hosts Rosin Coven & Vau de Vire Society, Delachaux & The Klown (TRAPEZE), and the art & stories of Edward Gorey! Featuring this year’s Gorey classic, “The Deadly Blotter”, and alphabetical whodunnit classic murder mystery…

With New Orlean’s Finest…

PresHallThe Big Bad Preservation Hall Brass Band

Following in the footsteps of the great New Orleans jazz tradition, The PresHall Brass is the resident brass band of New Orleans most treasured jazz venue, Preservation Hall. Comprised of members of the great Olympia and Young Tuxedo Brass Bands, PHB tours worldwide spreading the musical gospel of New Orleans’ unique musical and cultural heritage. Led by the 84 years young Daniel “Weenie” Farrow, the PHB repertoire spans from traditional classics to the hard-hitting marching tunes heard in New Orleans parades.

Aurora Nealand and the Royal Roses

The Royal Roses grew out of the rich resurgence that traditional jazz is seeing in New Orleans amongst the younger generation of musicians today. Saxophonist/vocalist Aurora Nealand has been playing in various groups in New Orleans since 2005. The Royal Roses, founded in 2010, is her first venture as a bandleader. The Royal Roses draw their repertoire heavily from Sidney Bechet, Django Reinhart and traditional jazz of New Orleans. Comprised of some of the finest young players on the New Orleans music scene today, the Royal Roses are seeking to breath new energy, arrangements and compositions into this genre of music while exploring and learning from its rich history and tradition.

The G String Orchestra

The G String Orchestra plays traditional and original eastern European folk and klezmer music and is based out of New Orleans, LA. GSO is currently an instrumental trio consisting of violin, accordion, and double bass. And playing pan-Balkan music ranging from romantic waltzes to driving coceks, pulsing horas to foot moving bulgars, heart wrenching greek rembetica ballads to the hungarian czardas! shot

Emcee Guglielmo, the Opera singing sideshow sensation!
New Orleans Circus, Burlesque & Variety Show with:

• LadyBEAST: Part Woman all BEAST
• Gogo McGregor: the Pain Proof Princess of Burlesque with the mouth of a sailor and the face of a pin up.
• Sweet Tooth Simone
• Gretchen in Motion
• Sarah Stardust
• The Yada, Yada, Yada Sisters
And more…!


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