Throwback Thursday – Taste of the Victorian Era: Blackfriar’s Bridge, London

A bridge has spanned the Thames on this spot for hundreds of years, but we got the gorgeous iron one during Queen Victoria's reign.


photo Phoebe Darqueling

Like so many places in London, Blackfriar’s Bridge has an official name that hardly anyone knows. It was originally named Pitt Bridge for the Prime Minister, William Pitt, who was in power when it was first built in 1769. But, between being situated near the Blackfriars railway station and the borough commonly known as Blackfriars, the colloquial name is the one that every knows.  It underwent extensive repairs in the 1830s, but it became evident the original stone bridge needed to be replaced. In 1869, Queen Victoria dedicated a new wrought-iron bridge on the same spot. She is commemorated in bronze on the northern side of the bridge.


A Nice Place to Stroll

It also marks the eastern edge of the Victoria Embankment, which runs along the River Thames. The Embankment is a fantastic spot to walk along the river and spot other lovely iron marvels. I especially loved the metal dolphins on the light posts. And I spied a ship atop a building while out strolling, too!

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