Steampunk Mozart thrills Perth

Chamber Orchestra to host steampunk themed event in June

mozart steampunkMidland Railway Workshops is the location for a steampunk concert hosted by the Perth Chamber Orchestra on June 14. The musicians will be dressing in appropriate costumes and will perform works by Mozart among an industrial setting of machinery, equipment and rail tracks.

It’s believed that this is the first concert set inside the histroic buildings. Orchestra founder Bourby Webster and co-Artistic Directors Jessica Gethin and Paul Wright invite you to what they’ve labelled a ‘unique steampunk experience’. “Steampunk Mozart brings to life the stories of the industrial heritage of the Midland Railway Workshops through the music of Mozart,” Bourby said, adding that the audience could expect the unexpected. “It is a 360-degree experience for concertgoers who will step back in time with us into something edgy, provocative, unexpected yet moving. I don’t think people will have experienced anything like this concert in Perth before.”

The full skirts and corsets worn in Mozart’s era link to the Viennese music and Industrial theme of the concert. The latter being supported easily by the backdrop of sets designed by John Curtin College of Arts.

Steampunk themes

By the look of the promotional picture, the steampunk themes will be relatively light, but it’s a great way to enable people to be introduced to the subculture. It’s events like this outside the community that people who are steampunks but don’t realise it yet might go to and discover an aesthetic that they’ve always appreciated but never found a name for. It’s happened to so many of us in the past.

Performance partners Multiple Sclerosis WA (MSWA) Hewshott International, Academy Cafe and Barton Jones Wines are supporting the new series event.

Steampunk Mozart opens it’s doors on Wednesday June 14 at 6pm.

Situated at the Midland Railway Workshops, B Block, Midland.

Tickets start from $85 and can be purchased via

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