Watch WWE Wrestler Becky Lynch’s steampunk entrance! VIDEO

The Irish "Lass Kicker" has used a steampunk style in her outifts for a couple of years now.
Becky Lynch in dystopian steampunk outfit

A more dystopian look

I stumbled across this video of Irish WWE Wrestler Becky Lynch and noticed her mild steampunk aesthetic during her entrance. Researching her character further it appears that her entire character has a steampunk style to it. Whether it’s her welding goggles (which she actually wears *shock*), her copper hair or wrestling outfits which look to have some sort of industrial or corset design in them. In the video the font used for her name appears steampunk in style.

Yet looking at videos, reading articles etc, she never really expresses herself as a steampunk. Is it a gimmick then? Possibly, though in an interview with Jericho, she says about her goggles: “”That’s all just steampunk as well, but they make me feel like a pilot and I imagine this is my ship and I’m going to take it to infinity and beyond. And then it’s like I can see the world through my own unique set of eyes, for my bexplorations.”

That contradicts using the style simply to be popular and she never really overdoes it in the styling. However in an article with The Evening Times, she said: ““It’s my brainchild and you just try and put more layers on it. I don’t really consult with anyone about where it’s going, I just come up with ideas and try to put them out there and hope they connect with the audience. It’s trial and error. Steampunk is a style that I just thought was cool and hadn’t really seen it before in wrestling. It seemed like something that you could do a lot with, because there’s all this creativity and innovation.”

Is it right?

Is it right that she only uses it because it’s cool? Some may pick up on that and suggest she’s not a steampunk, but then I can’t see anywhere that she says she is. This is where we enter the precarious no-man’s-land of what is and isn’t steampunk and who should be “allowed” to use it.

According to articles found online, she adopted the steampunk style in 2015 after tweeting an image of her new outfit. Fans immediately picked up on her resemblance to Chandra Nalaar from the trading card game Magic The Gathering.

Becky Lynch wears a steampunk top hat

Despite the cheap goggles, the rest of Becky’s wardrobe is a good standard, such as this steampunk hat.


Of course, everyone should be allowed to dress steampunk and Becky Lynch wears it well. Is she a steampunk? Well it doesn’t really matter. We should only really look further into it if she was exploiting the style in some way. She’s clearly not, although she does have a line of merchandise ranging from T-Shirts to hats. She’d be stupid not to in an industry where there’s fans. The WWE website is selling “Becky Lynch” steampunk goggles for $9.99 (or £8.21 to the UK which is actually more than the current conversion says it should be) which can be picked up on eBay for around £3 (approx $3.50 – $4). That’s disappointing, but not unexpected.

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One Comment
  • Phoebe Darqueling
    10 July 2017 at 10:17 pm

    What does it mean to be a “fan” if not to “think something is cool”? Methinks Steampunk is not “cool” enough in the ‘everybody’s doing it’ sort of way for this to be exploitative. It is cool in the WHOA LOOK AT THAT AWESOME THING sort of way, so if she saw it, loves it, and wants to wear it, I say the more the merrier 🙂

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