Check out the Description of the Time Flight Chronicles Book 1: AMSTER DAMNED

Hot off the digital press! This Steampunk adventure was released on May 23, 2017.

A seemingly routine missing person case brings Alice Kittyhawk to Amsterdam. She discovers that locating a botanist will send her delving into the murky and illicit world of temporal displacement. Working with the mysterious Ministry of Lost & Found, Alice will have to take on some formidable foes and race against the clock, no matter the odds stacked against her.

As one reader once remarked, “You don’t read a Visser book, you experience it” and this too is the case with Visser’s first full-length Steampunk novel. It features a feisty female protagonist and a cast of remarkable characters, including a grumpy ginger Persian cat and a pimped winddrakar reputed to be the fastest Channel Runner in business. As for Amsterdam, the city is already a story apart, but the steampunked version beats it all.

Read the full chapter 1!

Buy it on Amazon, $3.99 on Kindle, $15.55 paperback

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