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advertise with steampunk journalThis article will explain why Steampunk Journal is a great website to advertise with. I will give you an idea of what readers and search engines look for in a website so you can see for yourself how Steampunk Journal fits into your needs for your next advertising campaign.

Steampunk Journal is the most popular steampunk news site in the United Kingdom. I started the site as a wordpress blog in July 2013 as a way to talk about a new subculture that I’d found out about and thought it would help me learn more. Thanks to my magazine background, I also began putting news stories up and trying to diversify the site.

Two years later, the Journal was doing well in the rankings, but I realised I couldn’t fully allow it to bloom unless I went self hosted. I also wanted it to be less of a blog and more of a magazine. I integrated the old site with a new, self hosted theme and what you see today is the result of hours of work trying to move things around and make it just right.

There are a number of reasons why it’s great to advertise with Steampunk Journal. Here are a few:


I’ve learned more about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on the Journal than I learned in my entire time working for the online magazines. Each post is now fully prepared for SEO to find it’s way to the top of the search engine rankings. That means that as readers visit the site, they’re more likely to see your advertisement.

Written by Steampunks, for Steampunks

Deciding to advertise with a site that isn’t strictly steampunk does give you a wider demographic, but is that everything? Is it really the sheer number of people that see your advertisement more important than a highly focused campaign at the very people that matter? Quality over quantity.

Because Steampunk Journal is a dedicated niche website aimed at steampunks, they’re the main focus group of people that visit the site meaning a higher percentage success rate for your CTR (see below).


Steampunk Journal is constantly climbing through the ranks on both the Alexa scale and on SimilarWeb. Being a British company, I generally use London based SimilarWeb for my statistics, but Alexa is arguably more precise and will give indications of performance on a daily basis. SimilarWeb update monthly. Contact me on for the advertising rate card and I will be able to provide you with the recent figures of where we are in the rankings compared to other similar popular websites.

I base the figures on the following parameters:

Global Rank

This is where the site sits compared to every other website on the internet – of which there are millions.

UK rank (if applicable)

This is where the site sits compared to other UK websites. I can provide this information if necessary

Estimated visits

This is the number of unique visitors that have come to the site in the month. Unique visitors means that if someone visits more than once, it only counts them once.

Time on site

The amount of time that a reader remains on the site means an increase in the likelihood that your advertisement will be seen.

Page views

The number of pages a reader looks at while visiting the site. If you choose a page advert or post advert, the more a reeader looks at, the more they’ll see your product.

Bounce rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of readers that come to the site, look at one page and then go back to the page they were previously on. The higher the number, the less readers are clicking through to other articles. Some websites such as Distractify, Buzzfeed etc fudge these numbers by spreading one article across multiple pages such as “18 epic fails” or similar and you have to open a new page for each one. I believe in writing quality content so that I can give realistic figures as to who spends how much time on the site.

Sites linked in

The number of websites that have credible links to Steampunk Journal. The more there are, the more credible Steampunk Journal looks to Google and other search engines. This pushes the Journal up the ranks and gets more people visiting the site for when you advertise.


The Click Through Ratio is the number of people who click on an advert to learn more about the product. The higher the percentage, the more people do it. It’s relatively low on simple buttons and banners as many people have ad blindness these days, or adblocker software. A higher result is found with sponsorship and advertorials as they’re less aggressive.

Fair prices to advertise

I’m fully aware that most steampunks are creative types. They may not be able to afford a multi thousand pound campaign when looking to advertise online. That’s why I make sure that my simple buttons and banners are a good price that anyone can stretch to. You can advertise on Steampunk Journal for just £1 a day (£30 a month regardless of the number of days).

However I can also customise campaigns to work on the site such as sponsorship of posts or advertorials. This is great for people on a higher budget. These are more expensive because they use up a lot of man hours. There’s also a lot of creative thought goes into them, but they’re high impact and tailor made to your product.



When you’re next looking to advertise online and you have a steampunk themed product, make sure you contact Steampunk Journal. You can email me at and I will answer any questions along with sending you an up to date rate card.

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