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I want you to enjoy your time at Steampunk Journal, so I’ve been frantically writing as many steampunk themed articles as I can. On this page are links to other pages within the Journal where you can access various articles according to category. The Alternate News section is a satirical news area typically set in an alternate steampunk reality. It runs parallel to ours so stories will be topical, yet have a mild steampunk twist to them. They will also invariably have some humour. Whether you find it funny or not is another matter.

Whatever you’re looking for in this delightful subculture, there should be something here to entertain you until your boss tells you to do some work.

Please also take a look at the Articles section on the main menu on the front page. That will have the newest articles first and may have some not found on here. The steam driven parambulators of the site sometimes get damp with condensation and scramble things up. I think it makes the site more fun to navigate. Like guiding an airship through a high altitude field of anti-gravitational shock mines.

If you have any suggestions for an article you’d like to see, feel free to get in touch via æthermail. The address is

Alternate News (SATIRE)Steampunk Articles





fb reveal - blogs Hand of MiriamAuthor Spotlight










Queen Jane of EnglandClothing





4Company Spotlight










wild wild west steampunk filmFilm










Image copyright Ruud de KorteInterviews





AT-SP steampunk table lampInventions





zenit_lomography_petzval_lens_topKickstarter Projects





Anemone-ChandelierNew Talent





small-guns-daz-50523-342122879Photography & Photographers





There's more to steampunk than gearsSteampunk





Grimm series 3, episode 16 The Show Must Go OnTelevision










tumblr_mcupoorBest Examples





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