You’ve spent hours in a small room in front of a typewriter, word processor, laptop or clockwork brass and leather automated inputting device and now your story is finally complete. You’ve managed to secure publishing for hundreds of copies of the book and they’ve arrived. Each chapter sizzling underneath the hard cover. What now? You need to sell the story of course, but you also need to get people to know about it. You have a couple of options:

  1. You can travel the area reading excerpts from the novel at Comicons, steampunk events and author spots in libraries.
  2. You can push yourself to the limit on social media and get in everyone’s faces about your book.

With the Steampunk Write, Steampunk Read campaign, we want you to use Steampunk Journal as a platform for getting your novel out there to the masses. It’s a simple concept: Send us info about your book and an excerpt, and we’ll share it with our readers!

To participate, email the following to

  • A brief synopsis of the novel. This can be uniquely written for the Journal or a passage from the back page about what happens in the novel.
  • A front cover image no smaller than 900 pixels on the longest side
  • Links to where readers can buy your books, find out more about you, and follow you on social media
  • The first chapter or prologue of the book. If you book has already been released, we will post your first chapter at the same time as the synopsis. If your book about to come out, we can post the synopsis as a teaser, and the first chapter later to coincide with your release to help drum up more interest in your book.

For you to get the most out of the Steampunk Write, Steampunk Read campaign, you’ll help share the link to the post with your social media channels and other Steampunk pages alongside our marketing efforts.

On the date that we agree on, the first chapter will go live and people can get a sneak peek at the book before deciding if it whets their appetite enough to buy it.

When you e-mail, don’t forget to include everything in the list above. (Please don’t make me chase down your cover image or author website, include it in the e-mail.)

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