Coffee Jousting rules

Image by Heather Korbey - used with permission.

Image by Heather Korbey – used with permission.

I recently reported on Coffee Jousting, which has been introduced to Leeds Steampunk Market after an issue with Tea Duelling. Below are the rules of game play should you wish to have a go at it yourself at your own steampunk event.

The rules are simple:

  1. We have Coffee, not Tea – There’s no set rules on the type of coffee just yet, maybe that will be something introduced at a later date. For example, does freeze dried give a different effect to perculated or any prepared by a barista?
  2. No milk to be added as it will affect the temperature – Professionally made coffee is made to the perfect temperature so this may be an option if you have the means.
  3. Served in mugs not cups and saucers – Coffee Jousting is described as made for “The Working Man’s Steampunk” so it’s served in big mugs. These should ideally be provided by the organisers.
  4. Biscuit to be used is the very delicate”Nice” biscuits – Different countries may wish to decide upon a different type of biscuit, but the Nice biscuits are crispy and covered in sugar.
  5. Biscuit is to be dunked in your opponent’s mug, not your own – This makes the competition all the more dicey and, especially, silly.
  6. Held for count of 3 not 5 – You don’t want to wait around forever waiting for the biscuit to fall off.
  7. No chairs to sit on, you remain standing – Reaching over and using someone else’s mug of coffee is easier done when standing as the lean in isn’t blocked by the table.
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