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The Steampunk Journal team are from all over the World. That way we can bring you the greatest steampunk news, reviews, interviews and articles from all over the globe. On this page you can get to know the team and what role they play in the Journal.


Matt Grayson (Moriarty Viccar)

Phoebe Darqueling

Matt Grayson has worked in the photographic sector all his life and this link was the reason he found himself as the Technical Writer on a large online photographic magazine.

His photography and interest in journalism combined after he photographed Professor Elemental in March 2013. He discovered steampunk and knew then that he had to document it.

He launched Steampunk Journal as a simple scrolling blog. Over the months he started to visit events, interview people, review their products and generally get his name known.

In August 2015 the site went self hosted and it was transformed into the gorgeous magazine style home page that you see today.

The Journal grew and now it’s the most popular steampunk magazine in the world.

Matt’s current project alongside the Journal is The Hellfire Club. It’s another way for him to merge his passions of photography and steampunk. The Hellfire Club is a subscription based gallery of steampunk themed photography up to artistic nude. The site won’t just be about Matt taking pictures though. It also aims to increase the economy in the steampunk culture by paying a decent rate for the services of anyone involved. It will also try to alleviate the issues surrounding artists being used for “exposure”.

Facebook: The Hellfire Club


Not all who wander are lost.

Never has this statement been truer than when it comes to her and her vagabond life. Since she began her journey along the road of becoming a writer, she’s lived places as far-flung as Bulgaria and as familiar as her native land of Minnesota. She currently calls Michigan home with the Mister and their little dog Gadget, and but when it comes to where they’ll finally land, your guess is as good as theirs!

Luckily, in this digital age it really doesn’t matter much where she hangs her hat, as long as it has a good internet connection (the place, not the hat). She spends her days as a freelance writer and editor, as well as blogging and working on her own fiction and non-fiction projects. She has big plans for her work in 2017, so she hopes you’ll come along on her quest to become a full-time fiction writer, and maybe learn a thing or two from her experience along the way.

Current Projects

Army of Brass – The Collaborative Writing Challenge (CWC) is a fantastic organization that coordinates collaborative novels to craft a compelling tale while helping writers build up their publishing credentials. Phoebe is coordinating their 7th project between now and August 2017, and they can always use more writers! Check out the CWC website to find out more.

Mistress of None Series – Phoebe has fallen in love with the novella of late (works of 15k-40k words), and she’s developing a series about Vi Thorne, an 1870s con woman who is forced out of retirement when her last job comes back to haunt her…literally.




Nemma Wollenfang

Nemma is an MSc Postgraduate and short story writer who lives in Northern England. Generally she adheres to Science Fiction – perhaps as a result of years in the laboratory cackling like a mad scientist – but she has been known to branch out. Her stories have appeared in several anthologies, including: Murder Mayhem (Flame Tree Publishing), A Bleak New World (RIP), Love Under the Harvest Moon and Masked Hearts (Roane Publishing) as well as magazines. Her infamous steampunk story ‘Clockwork Evangeline’ – which won Steampunk Journal’s short story competition in 2014 – also features in Flame Tree’s deluxe Science Fiction Short Stories hardback. Two of her unpublished novels have also been shortlisted in, or won, awards.

Facebook: Nemma Wollenfang Facebook page

Twitter: @NemmaW

Amazon: Nemma Wollenfang on Amazon

Goodreads: Nemma Wollenfang on Goodreads


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