Other sub-cultures

Plaguepunk by Keith Thompson Art

Plaguepunk by Keith Thompson Art

There are other subcultures than steampunk and here you’ll be able to read about various ones that are available from the sublime far future Solarpunk to the dark far past Crusadepunk.

If you are part of any sub-culture either listed here below or any other and you’d like to submit a description, I’ll be happy to link to websites or social media pages in return.

  • anachropunk
  • atompunk – Postcyberpunk off-shoot of science fiction dedicated to the social and psychological aspects of atomic technology
  • biopunk – Science fiction genres dealing with the social and psychological aspects of the application of genetic engineering and biological weapons
  • bronzepunk – Literary, art and cinema genre inspired by the Bronze Age
  • clockpunk Science fiction genre, based around the Renaissance era where technology has mastered the use of springs and flywheels for energy
  • crusadepunk
  • cyberprep
  • cyberpunk Sub-culture describing the world of the near future. It deals with high technological development contrasted by poverty, lawlessness and anarchy in the streets of urban slums
  • decopunk
  • dieselpunk – Sub-culture of fiction inspired by engines and jet turbines the 1920s – 1950s
  • elfpunk
  • mythpunk
  • nanopunk – Postcyberpunk off-shoot of science fiction dedicated to the social and psychological aspects of nanotechnology
  • nowpunk
  • piratepunk
  • plaguepunk – Art and cosplay genre based on the Plague era of Europe in the mid-14th century and 17th century
  • postcyberpunk – Contrasting cyberpunk, postcyberpunk looks to improve social conditions and prevent further degradation of society
  • sandalpunk – Genre inspired by the era of late antiquity, around 2nd – 8th century
  • Silkpunk – Fantasy genre set in an alternate universe inspired by Eastern Asia and China. Created by Ken Liu in 2014 for his novel The Grace of Kings
  • solarpunk – Architecture, art and literature inspired by a clean and renewable future
  • splatterpunk – Fictional horror literature known for it’s depiction of hyperviolence and graphic descriptions
  • steampunk – Sub-culture of fiction inspired by the Victorian/Edwardian era of 1830s – early 1900s
  • stonepunk – Genre based on the styling and design of the Stone Age
  • vikingpunk


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