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Splendid Handsaws, hand-made in Sheffield

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These top of the range handsaws are hand crafted by renowned Sheffield saw manufacturers. The saws are traditionally made using 200 years of experience to create the perfect saw. Hand-made of the finest alloy steel, taper ground and breasted, the saws are precisely set and sharpened to ensure the best possible cut without the fear of binding. The handle is two-tone and steamed beeched then finished with a hard gloss surface. Ideal for the discerning craftsman who insists on the best.

Each saw comes in a beautiful display box and makes an excellent gift.

Please indicate your preferred size, style and teeth per inch using the drop down boxes. The price is dependent on the variation you select.

Please note: This item is hand made to order and takes a few days extra than normal to process…

Choose Size Choose Style Choose Teeth Per inch
20″ Saw Rip Cut 4.5tpi
20″ Saw Rip Cut 8tpi
20″ Saw Rip Cut 10tpi
20″ Saw Cross Cut 4.5tpi
20″ Saw Cross Cut 8tpi
20″ Saw Cross Cut 10tpi
22″ Saw Rip Cut 4.5tpi
22″ Saw Rip Cut 8tpi
22″ Saw Rip Cut 10tpi
22″ Saw Cross Cut 4.5tpi
22″ Saw Cross Cut 8tpi
22″ Saw Cross Cut 10tpi
24″ Saw Rip Cut 4.5tpi
24″ Saw Rip Cut 8tpi
24″ Saw Rip Cut 10tpi
24″ Saw Cross Cut 4.5tpi
24″ Saw Cross Cut 8tpi
24″ Saw Cross Cut 10tpi
26″ Saw Rip Cut 4.5tpi
26″ Saw Rip Cut 8tpi
26″ Saw Rip Cut 10tpi
26″ Saw Cross Cut 4.5tpi
26″ Saw Cross Cut 8tpi
26″ Saw Cross Cut 10tpi

Additional information

Choose Size:

20in Saw, 22in Saw, 24in Saw, 26in Saw

Choose Style:

Rip Cut, Cross Cut

Choose Teeth Per Inch:

4.5tpi, 8tpi, 10tpi


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