Steampunk Write, Steampunk Read

It’s not always easy to get an idea of what a book is like simply by looking at the front cover on Amazon*. Never has the phrase “Never Judge a Book By It’s Cover” been so precise in this day and age of electronic media. You can’t simply stroll into the online shop’s warehouse and pick up a copy to browse.

With that in mind, I’ve started a project to get steampunk novels out there to the people who want to read them; other steampunks. After all, steampunk is built on books, so we should be promoting them as much as we can.

The premise of the project is two fold: Get authors seen by the community and allow steampunks easy access to steampunk novels, written by steampunks.

If you’re an Author wanting to learn more about what to do, press the AUTHORS button. If you’re a reader wanting access to some pretty darn tootin’ novels, then click on my visage underneath titled READERS.

author_button  reader_button

*Other online book outlets are available.

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